Webinar Banner: Does your Induction Pass the Test?

25% of people leave a company within three months of joining.

The cost of getting inductions wrong has always been high. In the UK alone, the cost of poor inductions is estimated to be £2 billion a year. This will only be exacerbated by the uncertainty of our current world, where new joiners will be entering organisations that are still finding their post-COVID footing.

Amidst all this, does your induction pass the test?

Join us as we outline 5 essential induction tips that will help your inductions inspire, equip and accelerate your new talent, drawing upon cutting-edge behavioural science, human-centered design trends and our award-winning work with some of the world's biggest global employers.

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About the speakers:


Dr Khairunnisa Mohamedali

An award-winning innovator, Khairunnisa has a unique take on organisational culture, innovation and human-centred design. Khairunnisa is The Smarty Train’s Chief Innovation Officer and works cross-sector.

Eileen Seissen

Eileen uses her expertise in immersive design to develop high impact experiences. Eileen is currently working with a leading telecoms company and an essential services provider to design accelerated, immersive and unforgettable inductions.

Jo Kimber

Jo works across all our clients at TST, using her experience in the delivery of employer brand, coaching and leadership development to help clients solve their most pressing talent challenges.