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 The Smarts X  (TSX)

TSX is a force multiplier for your Early Careers Development. We’ve done all of the design so you don’t have to: it's ready to deploy, scalable and affordable.

Made for Graduates, Interns or Apprentices, we’ve codified 17 years of bespoke early careers programme design into a first-of-its-kind system. TSX is specifically designed for ease of adaptation, speed of adoption, and quality of experience.



TSX combines our rigour in creating bespoke early careers programmes with thousands of applied hours in early careers development. The result is an end-to-end journey that engages your learners, is easy to adopt and scale for your organisation, and is a force multiplier for your talent. 

TSX is continuously maintained and updated with the latest advancements in learning design, ensuring your learners stay ahead of the curve and so do you. 



The Smarts

The engine behind TSX. Each learner is equipped with a copy of our best-selling and Harvard-endorsed book The Smarts™. Part anchor, part companion, part critical resource,

The Smarts has short sharp hacks that make critical skills easily digestible and simple to put into practice.

Learn more about The Smarts on our website

Discover more in the TSX Overview


Milestone Events

Milestone events encapsulate the moments that matter at the start of a career journey.

An induction experience that builds a secure foundation, a midpoint that hones focus on the journey ahead, and a conclusion that readies learners with a mindset to thrive post-programme: TSX’s face-to-face milestone events perfectly balance action, reflection, and community-building, so you can realise quicker returns on development.

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Critical Skills Sessions

Our award-winning virtual learning sessions feature rigorous tools and science-backed research, all built using our core competency framework.

TSX makes essential workplace skills tangible through immersive design, practical examples and structured discussion led by The Smarty Train’s expert facilitators.

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Communications & Takeaways

TSX’s included communications and takeaways aren’t just learning reminders. They kickstart transformation to ensure maximum recall before, during and after the programme.

Empower your early careers workforce to make an immediate impact with  resources, reminders and checklists designed to support daily tasks.

Reminders, prompts and self-led follow-up materials allow your learners to put their new skills into practice in their own roles, at their own pace and in their own ways. TSX guides synthesise content to help sustain learnings and embed practice over time, long after TSX has ended.

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Gain valuable insights into the effectiveness of TSX with our built-in evaluation and reporting.

We'll track key metrics for each milestone event and skills session and deliver clear, easy-to-understand reports that show the impact of TSX on your learners in real time.

TSX also includes regular stakeholder updates that outline programme progress and key achievements. Effectively keep your key stakeholders informed and engaged on the progress, learnings, and impact from TSX, year-on-year.

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Return On Investment Infographics

Measure the impact on your bottom line: Quantify the return on investment of TSX with a comprehensive Return On Investment infographic.

This user-friendly tool tracks key metrics, allowing you to demonstrate the programme's tangible benefits to your organisation and see the clear value your investment in early talent brings.

Discover more in the TSX Overview


Digital Passports

Empower individual development journeys: Facilitate personalised learning journeys with our Digital Passports.

These self-led resources allow graduates to track their progress, access resources, and curate learning paths tailored to their specific goals and development needs, empowering your learners to take ownership of their development in a personalised learning experience.

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Self-Led Missions

Encourage active learning and equip your learners with the flexibility to develop their skills around their busy schedules.

Bite-sized interactive learning modules allow TSX participants to take charge of their development at their own pace, and cover a wide range of topics aligned to the skills sessions featured in the TSX journey. 

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Nano Videos

Micro-Learning on the Go: Make learning accessible and engaging with the TSX Nano Video library. 

These short, focused videos cover key skills and concepts in a clear and concise format, perfect for busy schedules and on-the-go learning. Provide your graduates with bite-sized learning opportunities that fit seamlessly into their workday.

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Awards and Recognition Strategy

Elevate your employer brand and gain industry recognition: We'll work with you to  identify award applications and leverage best practice to most effectively highlight your investment in your early talent.

This strategic approach positions your graduate programme for recognition at prestigious industry awards, helping raise your profile both internally and externally amongst industry peers.

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Post-Programme Milestone Event

Extend the impact of TSX with a Post-Programme Milestone Event.

This event brings together TSX participants to give your learners a chance to connect and network, embed key skills to keep their learning mindset alive, and build lasting connections with their peers and alumni.  It's a fantastic opportunity to foster a sense of community and belonging beyond the core TSX programme.

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Self-Led Post-Programme Support

Ensure your graduates continue to thrive beyond TSX with our Self-Led Post-Programme Support. We'll provide your learners with ongoing access to a curated library of resources, including articles, webinars, and templates.

They can also participate in online forums and communities to connect with peers and mentors for continued learning and support, empowering them to take ownership of their long-term development journey as they embark on their careers.

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Year One
Year Two
Year Three

The Smarts

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+ No programme design costs

We maintain TSX year-on-year, so it is always up-to-date.

+ Scalable and responsive

TSX is adaptive: it can grow or contract along with your intake, year-on-year.

+ Competitive pricing

An end-to-end learning experience, costed under the average L&D spend per person, per year.

+ Market- leading quality

TSX brings multi-award-winning programme design that has touched over 2.5 million lives to one place.

+ Speedy to deploy

From contract signed to go-live in four weeks.


The TSX Overview covers key components in detail, including the full curriculum, customisation options and testimonials.

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The Smarts X•Change



The TSX system includes...

Can I group together cohorts of different experience levels?

While TSX is suitable for all early careers audiences, we would recommend grouping cohorts of similar experience levels on one shared journey – e.g. one cohort of apprentices, or one cohort of graduates. This will ensure their peer-to-peer discussions and networking opportunities are of optimal relevance and value for their development.

Discover more in the TSX Overview

What is the typical length of TSX?

TSX was designed with modularity in mind to ensure ease of adaptability and speed of adoption in a variety of contexts. The recommended length to ensure maximum impact of TSX components is 12-24 months. However, additional content is available for extension up to 36 months if necessary for your requirements.

Discover more in the TSX Overview

Is TSX only offered as a full package, or can I choose certain elements?

While TSX offers flexible components like skills sessions, it has been carefully designed as a complete end-to-end solution. If you are only interested in particular components of TSX rather than the full system, our team would be happy to talk through other available solutions to meet your needs.

Discover more in the TSX Overview

Can TSX be delivered globally?

Our global network of professional facilitators ensures TSX can be delivered worldwide to a high standard. This could mean delivering via a hub format, with selected locations worldwide, or a more localised approach. Please note that TSX is currently costed based on roll-out in the UK, so pricing may be adjusted to reflect the scale and geographies required to meet your needs.

Discover more in the TSX Overview

What’s the ideal cohort size for TSX?

TSX works for any size, but we would recommend a cohort size of no larger than 50 participants. If your intake is larger than this, we can break up your participants into multiple cohorts. Please note: Example pricing is provided for a cohort of 50, assuming one delivery of each of the F2F programme components (e.g. 1 Induction, 1 Mid-Point etc.) Please talk to us to confirm exact costings based on your intake needs.

Can line managers use TSX?

TSX has been specifically designed to resonate with early careers audiences. However, for managers looking to support their teams, we can offer targeted add-on sessions through our newly launched manager programme, The Expedition. We’ll help you choose which Expedition sessions will maximise its impact on both your line managers and their teams.

Discover more in the TSX Overview

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